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A game by:

Programming, Design: Sebastian Mangseth @SebMangseth 

Art, Animation, Design: Meeka Elliott - Instagram | Twitter

Music, Sound Effects, Vocals: Chris Sensebe - @Sensasaur 


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- Tentacle control, tangling is an exciting obstacle, which feels like it's my own fault and responsibility.
- Tentacle "bounce/stretch" at maximum extension--creates small movement-puzzles.
- Controller scheme, my brain cherishes this kind of mirrored/parallell processing.
- The song! TO THE SEAS!
- My facial animation (yes, I _am_ the Kraken, obviously). The blinking is mmm.
- Time added from ships eaten. Sooo exciting when it nears the end.

- More cannonballs. Maybe they could be shot higher up into the air as well as more often. Now I just ignore them, and call it a bad rng-run if I (rarely) die from loss of health.
- Different speed on ships movement. Current meta is definitely "wait for two ship", group'em and snack'em. I fish for the unseen partner outside of screen with the other tentacle and most of the time can no-scope-flick it into vision to join the gobble.
- Mix up the randomizer, see above.

Thanks for the amazing feedback! I agree 100% with your list of "wants". They're all great, and made me kind of excited to implement the after the jam :)

I really like the idea of more canon balls fired at different heights. I think that would beef up the defensive element of the game and make the canon balls a little more significant. 

Different ships and speeds is a great idea too. One idea we tossed around, but ran out of time, was to have ships at different heights. Like a hot air ballon that you would have to reach for, or hit another ship into it. 

I also don't love the "wait for two ships" gameplay. Question, Do you think it would be better if the tentacles didn't go off screen?

2400 points is currently the highest posted score. (I was told by the programmer one of his coworkers hit 2800, but haven't seen any proof lol) 


It's pretty fun, love the art and how it all flows together! (sry for my English :))

Thanks! We appreciate the kind words. 

PS your english was great ;)

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awsome game! I love the physics of the tentacles. the controls are hard to get used to but they are super fun to use! and i love the cover!

my score was 300 :D

Thanks for the feedback. Do you think the game would be more fun if the controls were a little easier to move the tentacles, or did you like the struggle of using them? 

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i liked it being hard


absolutly loved it especially the tentacle physics were really fun to play with not the most complicated but for sure the bst game ive played so far in this jam really cool game

Thanks for playing! What was your high score



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Thanks! You have set the bar. 2100 is the score to beat